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Bernard brings in 20 years of dance experience and 18 years of dance instruction.

In 2004, Bernard Mendoza founded the Student Dance Club (SDC), with a medical student in order to promote social dancing to the students at the University of Calgary and the community. He was a performer with Salsa Mecca and then Salsa Rica Dance Company before he became an Instructor and Director for the SDC. Bernard is also one of the first instructors to bring Kizomba dance classes into Calgary.

Bernard’s love for teaching has led him to create classes in LA Salsa and Cuban Salsa, Modern and Dominican Bachata, and Kizomba.

After 15 years with the SDC, Bernard, in continuing his love for dance and teaching, created the University Dance Club (UDC) to expand the dance scene, add more classes, and expose Calgary dancers to the wider world of dance.

He also DJs BKS (Bachata/Kizomba/Salsa) part time and has played at various socials and congresses throughout Calgary and across North America.