WCWD Artist Stars

Artist Stars

Artist stars are a way for dance artists to add an additional income source by receiving stars which are online donations in multiples of $5.00 USD.

1 star = $5.00
5 stars = $25.00
10 stars = $50.00

Artist stars create a direct line of monetary support from their supporters.

For followers and supporters you can give stars to your favorite artists along with an encouraging message to support their work and art in the dance world!

For artists, you can now create an income stream that enable you to receive stars from your supporters around the world to supplement your bookings and private lessons!

  • Support our dance artists! Our dance artists around the world put in so much work to keep our dance scene alive to, and to keep the languages of our dance styles alive! Artist stars are a way for them to earn directly from supporters like you!
  • Support WCWD! Our site has had the mission to bring all of your dance events in one freaking place from local city, artist, organizer, and global dance style calendars for every dance style we can find!
  • Step 1:
    Create a user account on WCWD or log in to your existing account to get started.
  • Step 2:
    Create an artist profile on WCWD if you haven't already.
  • Step 3:
    Claim your artist profile on WCWD if you haven't already.
  • Step 4:
    Connect your Stripe account to your artist profile.
  • Step 5:
    Once Stripe is successfully connected, you can start receiving stars from supporters through the support button on your artist profile page!


  • Artist stars represent an online donations that supporters can purchase for artists they desire to show apprecation and support towards.
  • Each artist star is the equivalent of $5 USD and they can be bought in multiples. 10 artist stars = $50 USD, 100 artist stars = $500 USD.
  • Yes, the artist have their Stripe accounts connected to the banking accounts and they money they earn from artist stars in directly deposited into their banks accounts by Stripe.
  • Yes, 100%! If a private lesson costs $100 USD, you can purchase 20 (20 x $5.00 USD is $100 USD) artist stars for the particular artist!
  • Refunds possible through Stripe as long as the purchase has been made within 90 days.
  • Currently we only accept payments through Stripe.
  • You can see your star purchase history here.
  • Artists

  • Stripe is a global payment processing platform many websites use to process secure payments around the world.
  • Under Settings > Payments, after you have claimed an artist you will see a button to connect to Stripe, and this will walk you through your Stripe account creation.
  • No, there is no maximum on what your earn.
  • Yes, the maximum amount per transaction is $1,000 USD.
  • No, we don't want to add any barriers to you receiving support. They can simply add a display name, email address and choose to purchase as a guest.
  • We don't make money unless you do. There are no monthly or setup fees. We charge a small 5% platform fee ON TOP of the star amount, in addition to the payment processing fees so you as the artist received the full amount.
  • For a single star purchase of $5 USD, the processing and plaform comes out to $0.70 USD. The supporter would be charged $5.70 USD, you would be receive $5 USD, and the site would make $0.25 USD.
  • Currently we don't have a feature to transfer stars to another artist.
  • You can see your star history here.
  • Currently we only accept payments through Stripe.